Medical device innovation cartoon

Fresh Thinking, Innovation and Patents for Valuable IP

Our heritage is built from challenging, fast turnaround, product and engineering development projects in a broad range of industries. We combine this with our ISO 13485:2016 certification to bring a completely fresh approach to medical device development. Using HD’s services provides our clients with access to the latest ways of working and new design talent. They are bright people, outside of the established consultancies which work purely in the Pharma and Med Tech sectors, so they are lean and keen to impress. Our approach to development, of using completely fresh thinking, allows different thought processes and ideas to form. We encourage this free-thinking process, then challenge them with hard earned medical device experience to generate ideas and novel concepts, which can be swiftly developed into proof of principle prototypes, models for Human Factors Research and Formative Studies.

It’s proving a very effective approach and a fertile environment which has already led to numerous patents for our clients to exploit.

If you are encountering difficulties, need expertise, resource or have a problem to solve then please give us a call, we will always try to help.

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