People-centred new product & medical device development

We design products and devices with usability at the heart so that they are safer, easier to use and enjoyed by their users; from patients, to clinicians and, carers.

To meet the requirements of a highly regulated industry, we consider human factors from the offset of each project. Human Factors Engineering (HFE) focuses on the interactions between people and devices and ultimately aims to enhance safety by minimising use-related hazards.

Our human factors service helps you understand your end-users’ capabilities, needs and desires, to improve overall user experience thus also adding commercial value to your product or device.

We are advocates for user centred design. Whilst we have a network of specialists, healthcare professionals, and users in a number of sectors, we also harness your network throughout the design and development process.

Benefits of Human Factors Engineering

Beyond grave scenarios, there are many wider benefits to incorporating HFE into device design & development including;

  • Devices that are simpler to use, with easier to read controls and displays
  • Better user understanding of the device itself and its role in treatment
  • Devices that are easier to maintain and repair
  • Reduced demand for customer support because customers are better able to operate and troubleshoot a product or device without seeking outside support
  • Therefore, fewer returned products that are deemed “defective” by users, when there is no technical failure of the product or medical device
  • More intuitive or, ‘user friendly’ devices, which reduces the reliance on manuals and the need for training / retraining
  • Improved adherence to medication regimes
  • Reduced time to market due to reduced regulatory review times, owing to the creation of a complete and convincing submission package from a usability engineering perspective
  • Wider inclusivity

Our Human Factors Engineering Capabilities

In addition to our multi-disciplinary in-house team, we utilise our network of industry experts to ensure impartiality and provide services to support you with;

  • Market & User Profiling
  • User Research; including Focus Groups and User Observation
  • Risk Management as it relates to Usability Engineering
  • Contextual Enquiry and Observation
  • Preparation of Use Specification(s)
  • Preparation of User-interface Specification(s)
  • Definition of Use Scenarios
  • Design of Wireframes and Screen Templates
  • Design of Training Materials
  • Design of Information and Packaging including IFU’s
  • FMEA & FTA
  • Task Analysis
  • Device Verification & Validation Planning
  • Formative Evaluations
  • Support in Conducting Summative Evaluations


Our Latest Thinking & Work in Human Factors Engineering