Creating fresh ideas and translating emerging technologies into valuable new products & devices:

Using Haughton Design to provide fresh ideas and concepts, or to develop an early stage idea of your own is a highly efficient way of generating new technology or products for your business. Our innovative design approach, solid engineering heritage, and network of industry partners means we are able to effectively assess feasibility of ideas and concepts then translate emerging technology into proof of concept prototypes and commercial products for you.

Our thorough development process will generate valuable intellectual property, identify solutions to potential challenges and then develop the technology into a desirable fully functioning prototype for evaluation by yourself or other potential technology users. Our approach is not only innovative, but also inventive. We are proud to be named inventors on 24 individual patents, with more currently going through the patent application process.

Lean innovation to boost growth and profitability

Products often start with a random collision of half-thoughts when our minds are able to roam freely. Followed by a ‘what if’ conversation, some excitement, and then a concerted effort to transform an idea into a market ready product. However, there is often no profitable market for the product so a huge amount of time and money is wasted on a project which doesn’t generate worthwhile returns. Does this sound familiar? It’s definitely not a lean approach to innovation and a very expensive approach for any business!

What if you could boost your teams ability to consistently provide fresh, useful innovation and then ensure it’s worth a full scale investment in development? The key to this is finding unmet needs and identifying problems, checking there is a worthwhile market, and then developing technology or a product to meet the need or solve the problem. If you already know there is a need and market then Haughton Design has the lean innovation tools to develop technology and products for you. Or, we can help you identify the need and market – prior to developing a technology demonstrator or proof of principle demonstrator and before a significant investment is made that’s not market led.

Building value, overcoming challenges and reducing risks – keeping development Lean

Haughton Design’s cross sector, collaborative approach and strong networks mean you benefit from access to a wide range of fresh ideas and technical expertise. Our experience of innovation, working across many sectors and delivering tangible products to market is highly valued by our clients. By quickly identifying opportunities, tackling the right problems, issues and challenges to be overcome, we will then help you build strong foundations for better and faster innovation. Doing this early in a project means more and stronger, ideas can be explored.

Using our expertise ensures numerous opportunities can be generated then captured whilst overall risk and overall investment is low. It is then much easier to identify the best ideas, strip out any that will waste time, and focus design investment on those which will generate the strongest returns.

Design Sprints for innovation and innovative technology

Using design sprints in a time and cost constrained way, through our five-phase process whilst utilising design thinking, and a focused team of our designers is a highly effective way of reducing the risk whilst exploring new ideas, potential new devices and novel products.

  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Infrastructure Systems
  • Manufacturing and Materials
  • Emerging and Enabling Technologies

Our wide ranging sector knowledge means our designers have the capability to work with very different technologies, materials and processes. Their experience means they are not constrained in their thinking to ensure a highly flexible, open minded approach to problem solving.

Our complete approach to development and satisfying our client’s requirements means we will provide valuable solutions to every aspect of the projects we undertake.

If you need help with generating fresh ideas, creating valuable IP and new concepts for your new products or medical devices please get in touch for an exploratory chat.

Our Latest Thinking & Work in Innovation & Concepting