Extensive experience and industry connections bringing designs to reality through a range of appropriate manufacturing solutions.

We can support you and your chosen manufacturing partners or utilise our own industry connections to bring devices and products to reality through a range of cost effective and flexible manufacturing solutions.

By considering DFM – (Design for Manufacture) from the start, we produce high quality CAD data and detailed drawings for a comprehensive manufacturing data pack with full traceability. Products can be swiftly prototyped, manufactured and tested for our clients.

Our comprehensive knowledge of both low and high-volume production techniques means the designs we produce consider tooling and assembly requirements from the outset. Every aspect of our design is scrutinised, for appropriate material, part count, assembly time and tooling costs. Our lean design process means reduced development and tooling investment to ensure timely product launch and minimal hassle for everyone involved.

If you need help or want to discuss a potential requirement, please give us a call.


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