Solving your design, engineering and technical challenges.

HD has a long history of using our knowledge and ingenuity to solve problems and overcome challenges for our clients. It’s often the first engagement we have with new clients – we help them at a critical time, and from a quick ad hoc piece of work we then win larger jobs and turnkey projects.

Along with our in-house team, we also have excellent pre-approved specialist consultants and suppliers we can quickly utilise. HD already has plenty of experience but having access to proven and highly knowledgeable world class experts ensures the challenges or problems you may have, can always be overcome quickly.

This network provides decades of hard-won experience at some of the largest companies in the world. It means HD and our clients have access to highly flexible and world class expertise but don’t have the costs of maintaining a large team in house.

Our approach provides incredible flexibility for how projects can be tackled. We can deal with discreet issues or challenges within an existing project or utilise our team and supplier network to take a device from initial user requirements through to regulatory approval.

If you are encountering difficulties, need expertise, resource or have a problem to solve then please give us a call.

Our Latest Thinking & Work in Problem Solving