Seward launch latest product – Stomacher 400 EVO

New Seward 400


We are pleased to hear Seward’s new Stomacher 400 EVO has made its debut at the recent Analytica 2016 exhibition in Munich.

It’s been a tough program of work to get this new product ready on time; Seward set an incredibly challenging operating noise limit, to ensure their new product would be the quietest on the market.

To achieve the specified maximum 55db level meant Haughton Design working closely with Seward and renowned experts in noise reduction from Southampton University.

Throughout, it’s been difficult to ensure that the Stomacher 400’s product performance requirements were not compromised and that the Industrial Design of the new machine did not lose its user-centred approach.

Seward rightly demand a very high standard of service. Like all other companies, they need to meet tight deadlines and remain within budgetary constraints. However, they thoughtfully realise that we too have a strong desire for and investment in their success. Seward’s MD, Dan Crothers kindly had this to say:

‘We’ve had some great feedback on the Stomacher 400 EVO from end users and distributors. Many of the core sales arguments from design features have been readily taken on board with genuine excitement, which is very satisfying. Customers also appreciate the original features which make the Stomacher such a reliable product, have been maintained and improved- it’s caused a great response from the industry! 

From day 1 Haughton Design have been an integral partner in the development process, balancing design process with the stringent requirements we placed on them. Lee and the team have done a fantastic job.’

We are now working hard with Dan and his team to prepare the product for manufacture in higher volumes. Once again the time frame is a challenge, but it’s one we are up for.

The Analytica 2016 show was an ideal test to gauge market reaction to the new machine, so it is great to hear that it has gone down so well – we hope that Seward can keep up with demand!

New Design Stomacher 400 EVO

New Design Stomacher 400 EVO on show

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