Sirus Wheelchair Ramp Case Study

Sirus Wheelchair Ramp Case Study

By 9 August 2016 News No Comments
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Sirus Automotive – A vehicle conversion and adaptation specialist in the West Midlands, approached Haughton Design with the task to design a purely mechanical, self-powered, self-lifting vehicle access ramp to be used by wheelchair users for their rear access vehicle conversions.

Existing ramps were typically required full manual operation, leading to the user to stoop and physically lift the ramp into and out of the vehicle. This causes unnecessary strain and is not easy for less mobile people to use. It was evident to Sirus that a simpler, assisted manual system was required and that Haughton Design would be able to develop an innovative solution with them.

There were numerous challenges which needed to be overcome: space and weight constraints, controlling descent of the ramp and developing power to lift the deployed ramp too. We worked closely with Sirus’ in-house development team – they were fantastic at quickly making the required prototypes and providing feedback on the ramps usability.

The new product is now on sale and Lee Smith’s innovative mechanism is now in the patenting process – it has been launched as ‘The world’s first non-powered self-lifting ramp system.”

To read more about the Wheelchair ramp, follow the link below, which will take you to our case study: