Stuck in a rut with no fresh ideas?

By 1 August 2018 News No Comments
Haughton Design sketching fresh ideas

The product design process isn’t an easy one and it’s even harder to keep coming up with fresh ideas!

Whether its New Product Development or Medical Devices, time and again we see the same problems facing our clients. It led us to narrow down the 5 main reasons we are approached. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing our findings and advising what companies can do about them.

Fresh Ideas

A recent survey in the HD design studio found that creating fresh ideas and thinking, was one of the main reasons we are approached for help. With an ever-growing demand for newer and fresher products, aesthetics and technology can quickly become out of date, leading to product sales and then profits declining. The life cycle of a product varies drastically across markets, but consumer and electrical goods can need updating on a yearly basis. With modern manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing, the public and business now expect fresh products even faster. Time frames for development will continue to get shorter. Even with a fast thinking and innovative in-house team, it’s very difficult for any company to keep up with modern product design life cycles alone.

Adding external design companies into the mix will generate additional ideas and fresh thinking for the entire development process. It’s hard to nail exactly why in-house and external collaborations can work so well, maybe it simply creates competition on both sides to raise their game? Or, it could be that bringing two high quality teams together creates an environment from which game changing innovation, can be generated.

HD’s design team thrives when challenged and especially with the opportunity of helping and working with other teams. Recently, big name brands such as Yale and Seward came to us, looking for fresh ideas and thinking. Their own teams had done a fantastic job of the technology and underlying design but wanted a fresh look worthy of their innovations. Our designers got stuck in with them, to create a look that complimented the technology which had been developed. Our work has helped ensure they stay on top of their respective industries. If our case studies aren’t enough to show how well we deal with generating new ideas and intellectual property. Then there are already over 25 patents generated for designs on which our staff are named.

Could you benefit from some fresh thinking and ideas?? Please get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help.