HD have arrived back from a fantastic week traveling the Netherlands with Innovate UK as part of the MedTech and Diagnostics Global Business Innovation Programme, focusing on developing ground-breaking partnerships and technologies in the field of health. Senior Design Engineer, Will, shares a rundown of the trip and its purpose:

Innovate UK and Innovate UK EDGE organised a delegation of some of the UK’s leading Medical Technology (MedTech) and Diagnostic businesses who are building innovative health and life science solutions at the core of their value proposition.

The UK MedTech and Diagnostics industry is an essential player in addressing the pressing health challenges of our times. Its cutting-edge technologies and diagnostics not only enable earlier and more precise diagnosis but also facilitate tailored treatments and interventions, which are vital in combating diseases in areas including oncology, cardiovascular disease, and infectious diseases. The industry’s advancements are driving modern medicine to ensure successful treatment outcomes. As such, the UK MedTech and Diagnostics industry is playing a vital role in shaping the future of healthcare, improving patient outcomes, and saving lives.

The Netherlands and the UK have unique capabilities and technologies in the field of MedTech and diagnostics that could assist other nations in addressing healthcare challenges. Both countries boast a strong research base and many companies focused on developing innovative medical technologies, including diagnostics platforms, medical imaging systems, and devices for surgical procedures. The Netherlands is a key player in the European MedTech industry, with its advanced medical technology sector comprising over 2,000 companies, including several global leaders in the field. The country is known for its innovative spirit, with a focus on research and development of advanced technologies in healthcare.

While the Dutch government has invested heavily in the development of healthcare technology, with initiatives such as the Health Holland program, which provides funding and support for innovative MedTech projects, the UK also has a thriving MedTech industry, with a long history of developing innovative medical technologies. The country is home to world-renowned research institutions, hosting four of the top ten universities in the world as well as many companies focused on developing and translating cutting-edge research in medical devices and diagnostics. The UK government is heavily invested in the development of MedTech and Diagnostics. Most recently demonstrated with the the UK’s International Technology Strategy which sets out the approach to making the UK a science and technology superpower by 2030.

The innovation visit provided opportunities to explore the unique capabilities and technologies of the Netherlands and the UK in the field of MedTech and diagnostics. It focused on innovative medical technologies, including diagnostics platforms, medical imaging systems, and devices for surgical procedures. The visit included access to leading research institutions, MedTech companies, and government agencies in both countries, as well as the facilitation of meetings to find new collaborators and partners for business growth, and to participate in several networking events. The goal of the visit was to encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing between the Netherlands and the UK in the field of MedTech and diagnostics, and to explore opportunities to bring forward the development of novel medical technologies that can improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Haughton Design are developing several IVD platforms and surgical devices with our clients, therefore the joint innovation and international collaboration will greatly accelerate the development of these devices to improve the quality of patient health.

As part of the GBIP, Haughton Design were joined by brilliant minds; Andreia Trigo at Enhanced Fertility Programme, Jase John at LaennecAI, Karl Obszanski at Aston Vision Sciences Ltd, Kartheka Bojan at MindTech Ltd, Shuler Xu at RapidX Bio, Victor Harabari at CardioCrown and Wesley Sukdao at Proteotype Diagnostics. It was a pleasure sharing typical MedTech challenges, potential hardware developments, and regulatory related solutions with them all. Thank you to InnovateUK EDGE for arranging such a seamless, fun and educational experience.

If you have an innovative new medical device idea or are facing a challenge in your device development, please get in touch to discuss how HD could help accelerate your program and overcome your challenges to improve health outcomes.

William Morris - Senior Design Development Engineer & Business Development Manager at Haughton Design Will Morris 26 April 2023


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