What makes HD unique to other design agencies? It’s a question we regularly hear when marketing to Medical Device and Pharmaceutical prospects. We sat down with our team of design development engineers as well as MedTech and Pharma clients to explore what sets us apart in a competitive industry.

So, what really makes us different from the rest and how can we assure you that we don’t offer exactly the same service as every other medical device design consultancy?

By drawing on the differing expertise of the whole team, we’re able to offer fresh thinking and a very flexible approach. This often leads to more innovative outcomes for our clients including fresh IP and patents for their portfolio too.

Our unique workflow clearly demonstrates what needs to be done and that you aren’t tied to us for the entire project. You can enter and leave the process at any stage or just access individual services, if that’s what’s required.

Other sectors we work in demand lean, swift, right first-time approach. So we have to be very robust in the design process. We’ve listened carefully to what MedTech and Pharma companies need, so can work within your QMS processes and templates or use our own to manage risks throughout your project.

We pride ourselves on having an established network of first class consultants who themselves have lots of Pharma experience to complement our own. This enables us to assemble the very best team possible to suit your project’s needs.

We are creative and innovative, but also understand the need for design, robustness, design for manufacture and thorough engineering too. Our flexible and responsive approach means that you can be assured of our fullest attention at all times and we will deliver on time and, to budget.

We’ve been designing devices for Pharma and MedTech companies since 2012. Our clients give us great feedback on our work and the ease of working with us. They often say they are surprised by the high quality of our outputs and how quickly we deliver what they need.

We are easy to deal with and keen to help. If you want to speed up your medical device or new product development, then please get in touch.

Amber Davies - Human Factors Design Engineer & Marketing Manager at Haughton Design Amber Davies 5 April 2022


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Human Factors Design Engineer & Marketing Manager

Amber graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University with a degree in Product Design. She has a particular interest in the medical field stemming from her personal experience of using a medical device. She pairs her design background with her personal experiences to apply empathy and develop improved user experiences. Amber also combines this understanding to liaise with customers and create digital content at HD.

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