“What makes HD unique to other design agencies?” is a question we regularly hear when marketing to medical devices and pharma prospects. So, what really does make us different from the rest? And how can we assure you, that we don’t offer exactly the same service as every other medical device design consultancy?

  1. Our team of designers and engineers come from a varied background, with expertise in Automotive, AerospaceDefence & Security, and of course, medical. By drawing on the differing expertise of the whole team, we’re able to offer fresh-thinking and a very flexible approach. This often leads to more innovative outcomes for our clients, fresh IP and patents for their portfolio too.
  1. Incredible transparency & flexibility – our unique WorkFlow clearly demonstrates what needs to be done, and that you aren’t tied to us for the entire project. You can enter and leave the process at any stage, or just access individual services, if that’s required. We are crystal clear on costs, timings and deliverables, so you won’t get any surprises along the way. Our initial proposal is a one-page WorkFlow document so you can see what’s to be done, when, and the costs involved. It’s clear, simple and saves everyone lots of time. We then follow up with a more formal and detailed proposal which is all based around this simple one pager.
  1. Other sectors we work in demand a lean, swift, right first-time approach so we have to be very robust in the design process. It was easy for us to gain our ISO13485:2016 certificate and we’ve been 13485 certified for 5 years. The pharma companies we work with have been very impressed with our speed, design systems, clarity of record keeping and processes too.
  1. We pride ourselves on having an established network of first-class consultants, who themselves have lots of pharma experience to complement our own. We assemble the very best team possible to suit your projects needs. Previous medical device clients have quickly signed up as associate consultants because they truly believe in our business offer. It means we punch well above our weight in terms of capability and outputs.
  1. Last but certainly not least – cost and timings. We’re away from the ‘Cambridge Bubble’ so can offer a fresher, more cost-effective alternative to our Cambridge based competitors – without skipping on quality. Our central base in Stafford means our overheads are significantly lower and we’re centrally located so can easily reach clients for regular face-to-face meetings. As an ambitious and growing company, your business will be extremely important to us, you can be assured of our fullest attention at all times. Our experience outside of ‘Devices’ means we have the systems and processes to ensure we deliver on time… and to budget.

We’re by no means putting ourselves up there with the biggest names of medical device development, but we’re certainly well on the way and have the same certifications. In just 5 years, Medical Device Development is now 60% of our turnover and continues to grow strongly, so we must be doing something right!

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