Medical device Design Engineer designing sustainable packaging for an auto-injector

The sustainability shift in packaging products & medical devices

While our primary aim is to help users lives, it’s important that we help the planet where possible too. We asked the team about some of the challenges faced as well as their discoveries and process...

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The Benefits of Vacuum Casting for prototyping products and medical devices

The benefits of Vacuum Casting for prototyping products & medical devices

What is Vacuum Casting, how does it work and how can it benefit the product and medical device prototyping process? The vacuum casting process is very similar to the plastic injection moulding process...

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Characterisation: Interaction Matrix & Essential Functions Documents

When the time comes to jump into CAD and start the process of modelling components it’s important to plan your modelling and assembly structures. Following an efficient modelling method allows any m...

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Characterising Devices: Measurement of Components

When it comes to the reverse engineering/measurement of the existing components in a device there are many methods to go for. Some of the options available for accurately replicating the critical feat...

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