Chartered Design Engineer, Jack, testing prototyped parts for a novel medical device

Route to Engineering Chartership | Lead Design Engineer, Jack

For many engineers, chartership can be the next logical step in their career once they’ve got a degree and worked as a professional for several years. It has benefits such as recognition of your lev...

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FEA Services | How HD can support your project

How Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can support the New Product & Medical Device Development Process

Using FEA can be hugely beneficial to a project as it will typically reduce costs, save time and improve product performance. Further benefits arise with lower environmental impact by using reduced ma...

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Lead Medical Device Design Engineer, Jack

Hang out with Haughton | Lead Design Engineer, Jack

"Once you ae chartered that is not the end of your education, there will always be new technologies and skills to learn about and apply". This week we chatted to Lead Design Engineer, Jack about his r...

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Prototyping Throughout the Design Process – Phase 2

When moving into design development, you should have a feasible concept which can be developed into a product or a mechanism. This is where you might create an alpha prototype, where it should start ...

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Prototyping Throughout the Design Process – Phase 1

Prototyping provides value and feedback that is otherwise hard to measure such as proof of concept, technical feasibility, ergonomics, and human factors information. Take ergonomics for example; al...

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