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Mechanical & Engineering Design Consultancy & Services

High quality mechanical design capabilities

As a respected mechanical engineering design company and consultancy we are ready made to provide first class mechanical design services to our clients. We deliver a high quality, cost effective engineering design service which will quickly increase your design resources and development capacity. Using our highly structured WorkFlow process to manage our projects, we ensure our work is delivered on time and to budget so long term relationships can be formed with the companies we serve.

Flexible design resource when you need it

Developing a relationship with an external design team, which you know well, means you don’t waste time continuously inducting on-site sub-contractors, or repeatedly explaining your products and systems to new design people. We are a well-established, highly flexible resource available at all stages of a project. We can expand and contract exactly when required, including provision of support during the manufacturing process, and long after a project is complete.

Finite Element Analysis – FEA Services & 3D Simulation

We have years of experience using FEA to optimise and verify our designs, and those of our clients. We can help identify and calculate load scenarios and then conduct analysis of the design to ensure it meets the project’s requirements in full. One key advantage you will gain from using Haughton Design for your FEA requirements is that we can interpret the results and provide practical design advice or guidance of to overcome the issues identified.

Some projects don’t have the luxury of making prototypes so must be right first time. Haughton Design has a long history of delivering successful projects with challenging mechanisms and structures constructed from a variety of materials – we don’t just work in plastic

Help and support to keep projects on track

Our existing clients know that we are always at the end of the phone to place an enquiry or to deal with an unexpected engineering design issue with minimal hassle to themselves. As one of the UK’s top mechanical design agencies, our service is available at all stages of a project from concept to manufacture. Using Haughton Design will provide extra resource, fresh ideas, and completely eliminate continuity problems or delays – The HD team means your project will stay on track and profitable throughout.