Design engineer observing the single use packaging of a medical device to improve its sustainability

Sustainable Medical Device Development: Legislation, Directives, Regulation & Standards

Design Engineer, Will, sheds light on what legislation there already is regarding sustainability and, what the future holds for sustainable medical device development....

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Clinician holding a prefilled syringe with insulin to treat a diabetes patient

Sustainability in Pre-Filled Syringes & Diabetes Care

People with diabetes use prefilled syringes to take (sometimes) multiple doses of insulin a day. Therefore, making prefilled syringes more ‘environmentally friendly’ has a potentially huge impact ...

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Medical device design engineer brainstorming

Hang out with Haughton | Design Development Engineer, Will

“The more you design things, the more you look at the products around you and wonder how they’ve been made, what the design process must’ve been and question why they designed it like that, and ...

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Device Development Consultancy brainstorming sustainability in medical device development

Are you ready for the sustainability shift in Medical Device development?

The medical sector is at the forefront of technical possibility; it seeks to constantly improve people’s lives and improve the health of the world. Life expectancy has increased dramatically over th...

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Medical device designer sketching an idea of a new blood sampling diagnostic device

Concept Selection: Intuition or Calculation?

At Haughton Design, we commonly have the problem of generating too many solutions and concepts, rather than too few. Because of this, we’ve honed our concept selection criteria over the years and ar...

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