Urinary Drainage Device | Design & Development

HD provided the design & development of an innovative urinary drainage device with a number of novel features drawn from user needs....

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Medical device design engineers integrating with a range of wearable medical devices

Wearable Medical Device | Innovation Capture, IP Landscaping & Novel Concept Generation

HD produced a number of innovative concepts for a wearable medical device whilst navigating around existing patents to produce a product that was easy to use, comfortable to wear and highly cost effec...

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A range of novel Drug Delivery, Wearable and Connected medical Devices including autoinjectors and syringes

Drug Delivery, Wearable and Connected Devices | Innovation Capture, IP Landscaping & Novel Concept Generation

Haughton Design provided the development and visualisation of a large pharmaceutical client’s internally generated IP through the development of a range of novel concepts for various drug delivery d...

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Plastic syringe prototype on top of a syringe patent and engineering drawing for the pharma industry

Multi-Dose Syringe | Full Characterisation & Optimisation

HD provided the full characterisation and reverse engineering of a range of multi-dose syringes for an undisclosed client. Thorough reverse engineering, prototype supply and a manufacturing data pack ...

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Drainage Device & Catheter | Prototype Design & Development

HD provided the prototype design & development of a novel drainage device & catheter for a pharmaceutical client. HD’s design afforded users and clinicians more control over the wound drainage proce...

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Patient Transfer Device | Design & Development. Note, image is of an exiting device during research phase

Patient Transfer Device | Design & Development

Haughton Design provided multiple conceptual proposals for a Patient Handling Device. The client presented HD with a list of IP documents, and set out the core objectives of the design task to: Design...

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A diabetes patient using a blood sampling device and blood glucose meter as part of his diabetes care

A patient insight into Diabetes Care for Medical Device Development

In light of World Diabetes Day, we spoke to Chris Harrison, who has been living with Type One Diabetes for over 40 years to learn about his experiences of Diabetes Care....

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What is the new product development process with examples

Benefits of a structured New Product & Medical Device Development Process

Clients typically need to know what work needs to be done, clearly understand the investment required and when to expect delivery – our Development WorkFlow is perfect for that!...

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product and medical device design engineer undertaking a human factors engineering study handling blood sampling device prototypes

Human Factors Engineering in Medical Device Design & Development: What is it and what are the benefits?

Human Factors Engineering (HFE), focuses on the interactions between people and devices to minimise use-related hazards and enhance patient safety. Senior Design Engineer, John, and Human Centred Desi...

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Medical device design engineers reviewing the user experience of using a urinary / catheter drainage system

An insight into the experience of using a Catheter for Medical Device Development

Next in our user series, we chat to Tayla Collinson, a 27-year-old who manages a number of chronic conditions and is currently living with a suprapubic catheter. ...

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Design engineer reviewing a 3D printed medical prototype

An insight into the User Experience of Self-Injection for Medical Device Development

Despite regularly working on a variety of product and medical device projects, there are always improvements to be made and taking the time to really understand user needs is often a crucial piece to ...

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Banner of HD's design workflow

Working lean for Medical Device Development

Developing drug delivery platforms and medical devices can be labour intensive and a frustratingly lengthy process, even for the simplest of devices. Here at Haughton Design, we have worked hard on op...

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Understanding User Experience in Medical Device Development using Cambridge simulation gloves

Understanding User Experience in Medical Device Development

User experience and human centred considerations can, and should, be applied to the design and features of all medical devices – it’s just that they sometimes aren’t. While its paramount that a...

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A collage of 'selfies' from the HD Design & Engineering team getting outdoors with nature for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Recently, we introduced Design Development Engineer, Danny Morris as our Mental Health First Aider. Danny was keen to take up this role at HD recognising that Mental Health impacts us all whether that...

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Medical device developer using design controls software Aligned Elements

What are Design Controls and why do they matter in Medical Device Development?

Although they differ in finer detail, both the European and U.S. regulatory laws discuss Design Controls. Failure to comply with these laws can result in a series of penalties including your device be...

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